Promoting a YouTube video

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Getting viewers to check out your YouTube video is vitally important to making your video work for you, as this helps to improve your video’s ranking on the site, which of course, encourages more people to view it and learn about what you want to tell them. This means that in order to create a successful, popular video that pays dividends, you must spend some time, and potentially, money on promoting it, and tailoring your promotional endeavours to return the best possible results is vital.

In this blog post, we will look at the various different options available to you when it comes to promoting your own YouTube video, and how to use them to their greatest effect. Read on to learn more!

Deliver on your promises

First and foremost, there is no point in investing time and potentially, money, on a video that is not strong to start with, and that will not stand up to scrutiny by its viewers. Make sure that your video is appropriately tagged, described and titled, and while you can of course use these tools to make your video enticing and provide clickbait for it, ensure that your video is worth your viewer’s while when they get there, otherwise it is apt to be ripped apart in the comments section, and discourage future viewers!

Check out the competition
Find out what sort of tags, titles and search terms are working for your competitors or those creating similar content to you, which will tell you what your own audience might want to see. Use this as a starting point when creating your own videos and video descriptions, and also, to help you to gain an insight into what sort of content works best, and what sort of content to create.

Use the right tags and titles
The title of your video is a bit like the cover of a book-if it is it not interesting and attractive, people won’t bother with it! A good title can make all of the difference between someone taking the time to view your content, or passing it by in favour of something else.

Added to this, the tags that you assign to your video are used by YouTube itself to make your content searchable, and add it to the cued suggestions alongside of related content produced by others. Don’t overlook the value of getting this right, as a suggested video with a good title and the right tags can garner a huge amount of new viewers, just because it is suggested by YouTube alongside of an existing popular video.

Optimise your thumbnails
YouTube uses thumbnails to show would-be viewers a sneak peek of what is on offer, and whilst the thumbnail used to be produced automatically as the frame bang in the middle of the video stream, today, you can choose your own image in its place, and optimise its resolution, size and aspect ratio. Make sure that your thumbnail is strong, clear and enticing, as this can all help to get you views!

Integrate a call to action
Integrate a strong call to action (CTA) into your video itself, your description and the comments section, encouraging viewers to open a dialogue with you in the comments, find out more, share your video and spread the word. YouTube incorporates one-click share and embed buttons below every video, making it easy for viewers to share and disseminate your content across their own social media feeds, so don’t miss the chance to encourage this by prompting your viewers to make use of these buttons.

Spread the word
Word of mouth promotion, or the virtual equivalent, is a good way of promoting your content and channelling viewers to your video. Make sure that you spread the word to as large an audience as possible, by promoting your own video across your Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds, on your own blog and website, and anywhere else that it is appropriate and relevant to mention it!

Buy views

people lookingGetting a significant amount of viewers for your video is both the goal of, and route to, promoting your video, which can of course soon turn into a catch-22 situation when it comes to getting started! Consider investing in the purchase of bulk views for the video that you wish to promote, as this can give your video an instant boost and enable it to begin climbing the rankings.

Consider paid ads
Promoting your video by means of paid advertising on YouTube itself, or a Google AdWords campaign, is another good way to get your video off to a head start, but this can be prohibitively expensive for small companies and individual uploaders.

However, if you have the funds to invest in getting your video off the ground and are confident that the buzz will become self-perpetuating when the word gets out, this can be one of the best ways to start your promotional activities off strongly, and get lots of viewers to your channel.

Encourage subscribers
If you are, or are planning to, incorporate the use of YouTube into your ongoing digital strategy, the chances are that you are also displaying other videos on your channel, or intend to do so in the future. Encouraging people to subscribe to your channel if they like your content can help you to produce a ready and waiting audience for your future content, who will see your new videos showcased on their own YouTube home page every time that they visit the site.

Start a conversation
Getting involved in the comments section of your YouTube video can help to keep people coming back for more, and telling their friends about your video too. Monitor your comments, thank people who like the video and encourage them to share it, and start a conversation about what they would like to see from you in the future, and what else they are viewing.

Use analytics
Analystics on computer tablet and laptop screensFinally, make good use of the various analytic tools available to find out where hits to your video are coming from and why, and promote the video across platforms that have been proven to have a receptive audience ready and waiting for it.