How to Get YouTube Views

Watching Video on TabletYouTube is the world’s premier video sharing site, which allows anyone from the largest corporation to the individual user with a camera phone to create, upload and share their content with the world. YouTube hosts just about every type of video content you can think of, with the exception of pornography, and is used to share everything from music videos to tutorials to cute animal vids to promotional content and much more.Incorporating YouTube into your digital marketing strategy can help you to showcase your offerings to a huge international audience of potential fans or customers, and so ultimately, help to boost your bottom line or help you to achieve your goals. However in order to do this, you need to get people to view your videos in the first place, and this is harder than it looks!

In this blog post, we will look at some of the best ways to boost your video’s views, and how to put them into action.

Create quality content that provides value

Quality Thumbs UpFirst and foremost, creating quality content is vital, and if you are not 100% happy with the video that you have made, keep working on it until you are! Your content should offer value to the viewer by showing them something that they want to see, whether that “something” be informative, funny, entertaining or desirable in some other way; your content must stand up to scrutiny when you do ultimately get people to view it.

As well as the quality of your video in terms of its actual content, make sure that it is well filmed and edited, as very few people will bother to struggle to make out a video that is poorly filmed or hard to see!

Share your video
YouTube videos can be shared, linked to and embedded in virtually any other website, social media site or chat forum on the internet, so where possible, share your uploaded videos from YouTube across a range of other sites where they are relevant, and likely to be well received.

Optimise your search terms
Choosing the right tags and search terms for your video is vital, as this is what enables your video to be found both using the YouTube search, and also, Google search too. Before you upload and tag your video, perform a few YouTube searches for similar, competing or related content, and make a note of the tags and search terms that these use to give yourself the best chance of getting things right with your own video.

Create enticing titles
The title of your video, along with the screenshot still displayed on YouTube is what your potential viewers will use to decide whether or not your video is worth a look, so make sure that your title is descriptive, enticing, and makes people want to view your content. However, don’t be tempted to promise something that your video can’t deliver, as misleading titles will soon put people off, and lead to them down-voting your content with the “dislike” button, which is apt to put off other viewers.

Post a video response
If you’re finding it hard to get people to view your video in the first place, you can piggyback someone else’s successful video by posting a video response to it in the comments. This can help to channel some of the viewers of someone else’s well ranked content to your own video, but as is the case when it comes to choosing a good title for your content, make sure that it is relevant to the video that you are responding to, rather than part of a scattergun approach that viewers will soon identify as spam.

Get involved in the comments

Comment BubblesIt is often said that the comments sections of YouTube videos are not for the faint hearted, and YouTube’s users and viewers really don’t pull their punches when it comes to criticising content that they do not like! However, while YouTube does have its fair share of trolls and troublemakers, many critical comments can be used as helpful feedback when it comes to ensuring that your future content is on point, and if you can turn a critic into a fan, they will be exponentially more likely to support your future endeavours and even promote your new content for you.

The comments section under your video can be a great place to interact with those that have viewed it, allowing you to answer their questions and provide additional information. Don’t overlook the value of doing so; however, make sure that you keep your cool, do not get into tit for tat arguments, and maintain a calm, professional demeanour at all times!

Buy video views

The more views your video has, the more it will get, because views are integral to getting your video ranked well in YouTube (and Google) searches. On the other hand, if your video has no views to start with, it will be very hard to find by others, even if it is possibly the best video out there!

You can give yourself a jump start when it comes to boosting your views and encouraging more by bulk-buying YouTube video views when you first release your video, which should get the momentum going and help to earn you future views too.

Blog or post about your videos across the other platforms that you use

When you upload a new video, make sure that you link to it and share it on your own blog, website and social media channels, making the best of the opportunity provided by using your followers on other sites to channel them to your video and win views.

Try in-stream ads
You may also want to consider paid promotions on YouTube, which will lead to your video being listed higher in the search rankings and highlighted across the site for your relevant search tags. Whilst this can prove expensive, if you do have the budget available to you, it is something that you may want to consider to help to get your new video off the ground and bring in the viewers.