How to get Twitter followers

How To!Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, thanks to its unique microblogging platform, large user base, and ability to disseminate content quickly and succinctly to a wide audience of readers. Twitter is can be used to discover or create viral content, get ahead of formal news sites, and promote a cause, product or service to an open, receptive audience.

Ultimately, nobody who wants to raise their internet profile, promote themselves or their business or stay ahead of the competition can afford to overlook the value of Twitter as part of their digital marketing strategy! The key to success on Twitter when it comes to reaching a large audience and ranking well in the site’s search algorithm essentially comes down to one thing: The number of followers that your Twitter feed has.

Getting (and keeping) followers is therefore very important in order to make Twitter work for you, but this is something that you must take a proactive approach to, and invest some time and effort in to see results.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the essential elements that combined, can help you to build and retain your Twitter following, and how to put them into practice.

Provide value to followers

Value HornTwitter’s unique microblogging platform restricts each post to 140 characters or less, which means that by design, your messages must be short, concise and to the point! It can be challenging to get a message across within such a small number of characters, but ensuring that your Tweets are interesting, informative and provide value to the reader is essential when it comes to gaining and keeping followers.

If your Tweets are all sales-oriented or involve direct selling or attempts to blatantly promote yourself, people will soon lose interest. Use Twitter to build up your name, brand and familiarity, rather than to sell or capture direct leads.

Post links, pictures and fun, topical, interesting or entertaining content, which will keep your audience coming back for more time after time.

Don’t spam
When someone does follow you, they will see all of your latest Tweets in their newsfeed, but if their feed is clogged up with a constant barrage of messages or spam from one Tweeter, they are apt to unfollow you quickly! Post to your feed regularly, but keep your posts relevant and valuable, and do not make the mistake of overdoing it and so, losing followers.

Promote your feed
Link to your Twitter feed from your website, blog and other social media channels, offering an incentive for people to check out your feed and follow you, such as sneak peeks at new content, exclusive offers and the latest news.

Follow other people
Following the Twitter feeds of other people often results in reciprocity, or a “followback,” so make sure that you follow other people who might be interested in what you do, in the hopes of gaining a new follower to your own feed in return.

Create shareable content

Love Heart With People InsideTwitter is one of the most valuable platforms for social sharing and viral content, so work to create content that other people will consider worthy of showing to their own followers, using Twitter’s retweet button.

Comment on trending hashtags
Trending hashtags on the site show you at-a-glance what is new, hot or being discussed across the wider site, so piggyback these trending hashtags with comments of your own, and use the trending hashtags to get your content listed in the trending search results.

Join or start a conversation
Generating interaction with other Twitter users allows you to disseminate information and share your news and views, and also allows you to join in with other peoples’ conversations and comment on the latest hot topics, news and opinions.

Getting involved in the site by means of joining or starting conversations with others helps to channel more people to your own feed and profile, and can help to bring in fans and followers of your own.

Buy bulk followers

Crowd of PeopleEvery element of Twitter’s rankings, search algorithms and user performance is measured in terms of followers, retweets and favourites. This means that in order to rank well on the site, gain exposure to a wider audience and get ever-more people to follow you depends in the first instance on ranking well on the site to start with, which all hinges on how many followers you have to begin with.

It can be very hard to get a core of faithful followers to get you started, unless you already have a significant number of followers on other social media platforms that will be interested in signing up to your Twitter feed too.

However, you can start off with your first few hundred followers, or more, to add value to your feed and encourage new followers to join you by buying bulk followers to get you started, which lends weight and authority to your profile and encourages ever-more people to follow you as well.

Maintain your feed
Whilst it is important not to spam your Twitter feed as this can discourage people from following you, it is important to keep your feed active by posting to it regularly, which should be a couple of times a week at a bare minimum.

You can write and schedule your Tweets in advance using one of the many automated Tweet scheduler tools available, but don’t forget to check back after each Tweet has been posted so that you can respond to any questions or comments, and keep the conversation going.