Terms of Service

By making a purchase from GetMassFollowers.co.uk you must first agree to the following terms of service, GetMassFollowers.co.uk has the right to change and/or modify this terms of service agreement at any time. You can find the latest revision date of this agreement at the bottom of this page. It is the users responsibly to stay up to date with the latest version of this agreement.

Refund Policy:
GetMassFollowers.co.uk offers a 30 day money back promise whereas if we fail to deliver your order (within the stated time) or you are not happy with your purchase (within 30 days of purchase) a full refund will be given upon request. Requests can be made by contacting us via the contact page.

If we should fail to respond to a refund request or in the event we never received it we invite you to open a dispute in PayPal so we can issue a refund this way.

Lost Likes, Followers, Views or Subscribers Policy:
If the amount of likes, followers, views or subscribers you purchased from GetMassFollowers.co.uk should drop below the purchased amount within 30 days of purchase then you can request the lost amount of likes, followers, views or subscribers be re-added or request a full refund via the contact page.

We are in no way responsible for any 3rd party’s actions as a result of purchasing any products or services from GetMassFollowers.co.uk.

Limitation of liability:
By using or making a purchase from GetMassFollowers.co.uk “you” the user agrees that “we” GetMassFollowers.co.uk or anyone associated or connected with “GetMassFollowers.co.uk”, under no circumstances will be held liable for any damages or losses of any kind that might arise while using this site or it’s products/services.

GetMassFollowers.co.uk may use the information that you provide to occasionally send you upcoming promotions, coupons and information about any 3rd party websites that we think you might be interested in. GetMassFollowers.co.uk will never sell any information provided.

We are in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

Latest Updated:
16th November 2015