Buying YouTube views and likes

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing site in the world, with over a billion registered users. The site allows anyone to register and upload a video of their choice to share with the world, and both registered and non-registered users can view the videos on the site, with the exception of content that is ranked suitable for over 18’s only, which is only available to registered users who are of legal age.

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The vast majority of YouTube videos are uploaded by personal users and individuals, but big businesses too recognise the value of the platform as a marketing tool and social sharing site, with large corporations including the BBC and CBS using the platform to showcase selected videos and trailers as part of their digital marketing strategies.

The potential range of applications for YouTube are virtually limitless, but the most common and popular content on the site consist of video blogs, music videos, tutorials, camera phone uploads, and promotional content.

As well as being able to search, view and upload videos on YouTube itself, YouTube videos can also be integrated into websites, social forums and other web pages too, and YouTube videos often appear near to the top of Google search results for their relevant keywords.

Users that upload their own videos are deemed to have their own YouTube “channel,” and viewers and users can subscribe to selected channels, use the comments sections of videos to make a post and engage in a discussion with the video’s creators and its other viewers, and share, like or dislike any video at the click of a button.

Because YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing site, its value as a marketing tool should not be overlooked by either businesses or individuals who want to raise their profile, share content with a wide, diverse audience, or promote their video offerings and so, potentially, services.

However, it can be difficult to get a new video or channel to rank well on YouTube, and this is one of the main challenges faced by people who wish to market themselves successfully using the platform.

Read on to find out more about YouTube, and the challenges of harnessing its power for marketing purposes, plus how to get around this.

How YouTube works
For people who want to share a video, you simply need to register with YouTube, upload the video, and add a short description and keywords for the piece. Other options can also be exercised, such as allowing or removing comments for the video and sharing the link or embed codes to the video with others, in order to promote the content and encourage views.

For those who wish to view YouTube videos, the site offers a search facility, as well as recommended video suggestions based on the user’s previous usage and search terms, and what is trending across the site. Once a video has been cued, suggestions for related or complimentary content appear on the right of the screen, and at the end of each video, further options and suggestions appear for what to watch next.

Searches on Google, either specifically for videos or for keywords that a YouTube video is tagged with will also return YouTube video results, and many websites and forums also embed YouTube videos into their own sites as well, using it as a hosting platform.

YouTube and viral content
From the latest music videos to funny kittens to video blogs to camera phone footage of events via comedy skits, tutorials and much more, the YouTube platform holds the distinction of having generated and enhanced a huge number of viral videos and content, which are then widely shared and disseminated across the world.

Uploading content that goes viral has a range of tangible benefits for the video’s owner, ranging from the potential to gain a sometimes significant level of passive income from YouTube’s ad placements, to spreading the word about something, to gaining new subscribers and followers who wish to see your future videos too.

YouTube has ultimately enabled various individuals, video posters and companies to become famous on a world scale thanks to their videos, which of course comes accompanied by benefits in real terms such as exposure to a huge international audience, the chance to monetise their content, increased interest in their products or services, and potentially, a boost their income or profits.

YouTube is one of the social media sites with the greatest amount of potential when it comes to marketing and promotional activities, but the success of such ventures all hinges on being able to produce or upload content that people want to see and share, and also, making that audience aware of the content and getting them to view it in the first place.

YouTube subscribers, views and likes

The popularity of any YouTube channel or video is determined by a combination of factors, which essentially boil down to views, likes and subscribers.


Views are the most important aspect of boosting the popularity of any YouTube video, and so, the more people that view any given video, the more popular it will become. If someone likes your video, they can give it a “thumbs up” using the “like” button, however, there is also a “dislike” button that is also widely used when people feel that a video didn’t deliver as promised, or if the content within it was sub-par.

For people who produce or upload multiple videos or use the platform for video blogging, gaining subscribers to their channel is also important, as these followers again boost the popularity of your existing videos, and also, provide a ready, waiting audience for new content too.

This means that in order to increase the popularity of your YouTube video or channel, you need to get enough views, likes and subscribers to get the ball rolling in terms of spreading the word, moving your video up the search rankings, and attracting a larger audience.

The challenges of getting people to view and like your video
Once your video starts getting a lot of views and likes, it will start to rise in both YouTube and Google’s search rankings, making it easier to find and so, attracting ever more viewers and fans. How many views or likes it takes to achieve this depends firstly on the amount of competition for the type of content and search terms that you are using, and also, how your content ranks compared to the rest of the site’s content as a whole. YouTube promotes and recommends the best ranking content, and that which is related to each viewer’s viewing history and preferences.

This means that unless you already have a significant following across other social media or on your own blog or website that you can promote your new content to, getting your first core bulk of viewers, subscribers and up votes can be a challenge. If your video will be buried near to the bottom of YouTube’s search rankings, unless someone is searching for it specifically or gets lucky with their keywords, the chances of them finding it and so, viewing it is low, and until you get your first core bulk of viewers, it will remain low.

In order to get your video well ranked and/or included within YouTube’s trending content or video recommendations, there are a couple of different approaches that you can take, neither of which take months or years nor depend on a range of intangibles or largely, luck.

First of all, you can pay to promote your video on YouTube using an AdWords campaign, which will see your content promoted for certain keywords and charged per video view. However, AdWords for YouTube can sometimes be competitive which means it can be expensive.

The alternative is to start off with a high number of video views, likes and subscribers from the get-go, so that your video begins to rise in the search rankings naturally, and offers more opportunities for it to be found and viewed. If you don’t have access to a wide pool of people who are willing to do this for you, buying YouTube video views and likes is often the way forward.

Buying views and likes for your videos

Once you reach a certain threshold in terms of the number of views and likes that your video has achieved, the visibility of your video will rise, and the audience that it is offered to will become much greater, in turn, generating more views, likes and followers.


Buying bulk views and likes can help you to reach this threshold, giving your video the chance to rise in the search rankings and be seen by a much wider audience of viewers, who in turn have the chance to view, like and share your content, helping it to rise further.

This is the easiest way to give your video a boost from the outset, and take it to a level where the buzz surrounding it will become self-perpetuating, allowing it to appear at the top of the search rankings for similar content on both Google and YouTube itself, and also, increasing the chances of your video being showcased in YouTube’s “recommended” videos and most popular content.