Buying Twitter followers, retweets and favourites

Twitter is a unique and innovative social media platform, which is significantly different to any of the alternatives! It allows users to create a profile, post messages on their own feed, and read the posts of others in their own feeds, as well as gathering a following of viewers for their feeds, and following those of others.

Tweet Bird

Twitter’s most unique element is the fact that each posted message cannot exceed 140 characters including spaces, keeping each post as short as the average text message and often requiring ingenuity and ruthless editing to get any given message across within the character limit!

This highly condensed, short form microblogging platform has proven to be hugely popular with users, allowing people to view what’s happening, who is creating a buzz, and why, at a glance.

Twitter has well over three million monthly users, is one of the most popular and active social media platforms around. The potential provided by Twitter to allow a message to reach an audience in the hundreds of millions is not something that should be overlooked when it comes to developing a cohesive, well performing social media marketing strategy. However, like the other popular core platforms in this Brave New World of social media marketing, knowing how to harness Twitter’s power and make it work for you can be a challenge!

Read on to learn a little bit more about how Twitter works, how it can help you to boost your business, and the challenges of achieving social shares and followers-plus how to overcome them.

How Twitter works
Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to create a profile and short bio of themselves to get started, and then post their own Tweets on their Twitter feed, integrating links, pictures and hashtags if needed, as well as the ability to tag other Twitter users.

Twitter users can be found by means of their Twitter handle, which begins @(user), and Twitter feeds are widely shared across other platforms by means of one of the many integrated Twitter link buttons for websites and forums.
Like other social media platforms, Twitter users attain friends or “followers,” people who wish to see the user’s Twitter feed, and users can, in turn, follow other people’s feeds too. If a user particularly likes one of someone else’s Tweets, they can either “favourite” it by clicking on a star icon on the Tweet, or re-Tweet it, and share it with all of their own followers.

Twitter’s wide, diverse and active user base means that it is often the first platform to highlight, disseminate and share breaking news or viral content, which often spreads quickly across the internet at large, gaining momentum as it goes.
Twitter also uses hashtags, which can be assigned to each post in a form of keywords, and people can search for hashtags of interest to them, view the currently trending hashtags in the site’s feed, or create and share hashtags of their own.

Twitter followers, re-tweets and favourites

Every Twitter user and feed is ranked in terms of how many followers it has, and the number of shared or re-tweets that each of their posts get. Users can view their own statistics updated in real time on Twitter itself, making Twitter one of the most marketing-friendly social media platforms when it comes to viewing what is popular and what is not, as well as what type of content is trending or on the rise.

Twitter Bird in Words

Twitter followers are the people that follow your feed, and this affects your popularity and ranking on the site. The more followers you have, the higher you will rank in Twitter searches, and also, the wider the audience of people that see your posts. This in turn leads to a greater chance of a larger audience sharing your content, favouriting it, or otherwise generating a buzz around it with their own followers.

Twitter’s “favourite” button allows people to star posts that they like, either because they are funny, informative or important, and again, the more favourites a post gets, the higher it will rank within searches.

Tweets can also be shared by other users, who click a “share” button to re-tweet it into their own feed, with the details of the original author displayed and so, once more, showcased to a wider audience.

The challenges of getting followers, retweets and favourites on Twitter
In order to rise in Twitter’s search rankings, you need to have a lot of followers compared to the competition for your own search terms. This means that in order for your message to spread and disseminate to a wider audience, you need to get other Twitter users on board by making them want to favourite or re-tweet your content, and follow your feed.

However, to get a buzz going in the first place, make people want to follow you, and encourage people to view your feed and share it or favourite it themselves, you need to begin with a good following and people who will interact with your feed in the first place, to increase your exposure on the site and get people talking about you and sharing your Twitter handle
This is of course the core challenge when it comes to harnessing the power of social media for marketing and promotional purposes-in order to become popular with a wide audience, you have to be popular enough to get people sharing your content and generating a buzz around you in the first place, and this can take a long time and a lot of effort to achieve!

Boosting your popularity on Twitter
There are a variety of ways in which you can boost your profile on Twitter and get people on board with reading your content and finding out more about you, depending on how you want to go about it.

First of all, you can dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to posting on Twitter, piggybacking trending hashtags and manually targeting individuals to try to encourage them to interact with you, and this can quite literally become a full time job, with no guaranteed results at the end of it.

If you want to get a head start and put Twitter to work for you from the get-go, you might want to consider buying a sponsored ad package from Twitter itself, which rotates a selection of promoted Tweets at the top of people’s newsfeeds or above the organically trending topics list.

However, this is not necessarily the most effective way to go about boosting your Twitter profile, for a variety of reasons. First of all, Twitter’s huge user base and general popularity makes paid advertising of this type very expensive, and also, all promoted tweets are clearly marked as “promoted” or “ad,” which is often enough to make people ignore them on principle, even if they might otherwise be interested enough to take a look.

The third option, and the one that produces the fastest and most cost-effective results, is to begin your Tweeting endeavours with a strong core of other users that are willing to follow you, and/or favourite your best Tweets, or re-tweet your content, by means of purchasing bulk Twitter followers, or retweets and favourites for your posts.

Buying followers, retweets and favourites on Twitter

Buying a bulk batch of Twitter followers can help to boost your Twitter profile right away, but raising your feed’s position in the rankings of Twitter’s most popular and widely followed users. Once you have risen in the rankings and got off to a good start, this should then become self-perpetuating as your content becomes easier to find, and better ranked compared to competitors.

If you want to highlight a particular Tweet that is informative, interesting or designed to get people talking, bulk-purchasing favourites can help you to achieve this, and this in turn means that your post will rank higher in the search results, both for specific terms, and for trending hashtags.

Finally, retweets are one of the most valuable aspects of Twitter’s marketing value, and retweets are what leads to trending hashtags and highly sharable viral content, which get such tweets and hashtags placed on the front page of the site for all users to see. The more people that retweet your message, the higher it will rise in Twitter’s rankings, and the more chance it has of becoming a trending hashtag, or going viral.

Buying retweets can help to boost your tweet of choice and anchor it in the top of the ranks for searches and trending hashtags, exposing you message to Twitter’s wider user base.

Once you have begun ranking well, either for your feed as a whole or for certain tweets and messages, the audience that sees your content rises exponentially, and all of those new people who see your content or your feed will then have the chance to follow you, favourite your tweets, or share them in their own feed as well.

This means that starting with a good core of followers, favourites and retweets quickly becomes self-perpetuating, and your Twitter handle, best posts and feed all climb the rankings even further, generating its own organic buzz, and showcasing your feed and so, your business to an increasingly larger audience of viewers.