Buying Facebook likes and followers

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site, and is used by over one billion people every month. Over 65% of these users log into Facebook every day, making it a very valuable platform for marketing or promoting your brand, product or service.

Social Media Taking Over The World

Getting lots of fans and followers on Facebook can have a huge positive impact on your brand or business, and ultimately, help you to make money.

Read on to find out a little bit more about Facebook and how it works, and how Facebook can help you to grow your business and profits-plus the challenges of making Facebook work for you, and how you can overcome them.

More about Facebook
Facebook is, as mentioned, the most popular and widely used social media site in the world, and as such, it is big business and highly competitive when it comes to its usage to promote businesses, products and services to a wide audience. If you are not making full use of the opportunities that Facebook can provide for you, you can be assured that your competitors are, and you’ll soon get left behind in the race for market share!

Facebook allows users to connect with friends, stay in touch with friends and family that live a long way away or that they don’t see regularly, maintain an online stream-of-consciousness record by means of timeline posts, and like, share and follow content and posts that are of interest.

The vast majority of personal users use Facebook for socialising, connecting with friends and looking up old friends, as well as finding things that are of interest to them and looking for things to do and read. When approached in the right way, businesses can harness this browsing power to raise their own profiles, boost interest in their products or service, and so, up their profits.

How Facebook works for individuals
Facebook’s individual or personal members can set up a profile, search for their friends, and post their own content on their timelines, as well as viewing what other people have written on theirs. This allows friends to interact with each other online, and a high percentage of Facebook’s usage involves content sharing, spreading news, and highlighting interesting entries.

Users can control their own privacy settings to restrict or limit who sees their content, and every user’s activities on Facebook are logged by the site in order to provide algorithmic content dissemination, tailoring the site’s advertising endeavours and page promotion to match the interests of each end user.

How Facebook works for organisations
Businesses and organisations can set up their own interactive company pages and profiles, and today, a significant number of small and medium sized organisations use their Facebook pages to promote their businesses even more than they use their own websites.

Presenting your offerings to Facebook’s audience allows personal users to check you out, find out about what you do, and read your content as part of their wider site browsing, and encouraging people to do so and to interact with you on Facebook can give your business a massive boost.

However, the challenge for every company or business on Facebook is how to get people to click onto their pages or content and like it or share it, and because of the way that Facebook ranks and promotes each page, this is integral in terms of promoting your content and so, your business itself.

Facebook likes, followers and shares

The success or failure of any business or organisation on Facebook comes down to content sharing and endorsement, in terms of Facebook likes, followers and shares.

Every page, status, post and picture on Facebook has a “like” button below it, which readers and viewers can use to endorse the content within. Even better than “likes” are Facebook “shares,” which allow users to share a post or page either on their own timeline, or someone else’s, automatically spreading it to a whole new audience of all of the friends and followers of that timeline itself.

Facebook followers, in business terms, are the audience that has clicked to “follow” your page, and so, see your new content in their own news feeds, and have your content highlighted to them when they visit the site.

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Having a large number of likes, shares and followers is vital in order to get Facebook working for you, as the site’s algorithm promotes the most popular content, and uses this information to rank your content in the search placements for each category.

Users can type in a keyword or search term into the site’s search box, and the top ranked results for any given term will be the pages with the most followers, likes and shares, making the value of such things very important when it comes to marketing yourself across the site.

The challenges of getting Facebook likes, shares and followers

As with many other elements of social media marketing tactics, achieving enough likes, shares or followers to get your page ranked well and so, bring in more fans is the most challenging part of starting out.

If your page doesn’t appear until well down the search term results, people are highly unlikely to find you at all, or if they do, consider your page worthy of a look.

This means that in order to get likes, shares and followers, you first need to have likes, shares and followers, which of course is rather a catch 22 situation! However, there are a couple of solutions to this, depending on how you wish to go about things.

First of all, you can invest in paid-for or promoted ad placements on Facebook, which promote your page or advert to people whose previous site usage indicates a potential interest, or whose search terms match up with your offerings. However, this can soon become prohibitively expensive, and spiral out of control cost-wise; understandably, Facebook knows the value of its advertising space and opportunities, and these things do not come cheap! Added to this, many personal users shy away of advertising on a website that they first and foremost use for entertainment rather than shopping.

Alternatively, you can boost your page or get yourself off to a head start in the popularity stakes by buying followers for your page, likes for a photo or post, or shares of your content, which is a cost-effective method of promoting yourself to a wider audience, and generating a buzz that will ultimately snowball in terms of becoming self-perpetuating.

Buying likes and followers

Purchasing a bulk set of followers for your page, likes for a given status, post or photo, or share of the same means that you will instantly benefit from all of the advantages that a large following or buzz around your page can bring, without waiting for months and spending hundreds of manpower hours trying to encourage people to endorse your page one by one.

Buying a bulk set of followers for your page or business profile means that it will jump up in the rankings when people search for such, and also, give the friends and followers of each profile that follows you in this way a chance to see your content on each respective profile feed.

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If a lot of people “like” one of your posts, this may well begin to trend on the site, as well as appearing higher in newsfeeds, which in its turn will lead to more people seeing it, and having the chance to “like” it for themselves.

Buying “shares” is also one of the best ways to reach a whole new audience for your content, as every time someone shares one of your posts or a link to your page, all of their own friends and followers will see it too. As the average Facebook user has around 200 friends, and some users significantly more, one share can ultimately reach hundreds of people in one click, and if some of those people then go on to share your post too, the possibilities are limitless.

Once you have begun to generate a buzz around your page, a certain post, picture or status update, this will often become self-perpetuating; every like, share or follow can potentially mushroom into more, and when you reach a certain point in terms of the volume of likes, shares or follows, your organic audience will become wide enough for the knock-on effect to spread far and wide, putting it to work for itself!

Added to this, the highest ranked posts, pages and profiles in terms of shares, followers and likes are instantly factored into Facebook’s algorithm to display the most relevant and popular content with others; a lot of followers means that your page and so, its content will come up at the top of search results, bringing in natural leads and followers on its own.

Obviously, your page, content and posts must be strong enough to maintain the momentum once they start to get seen by a wider audience, but once you have got a head-start in terms of your content’s visibility and social buzz, Facebook’s wider user base will take up the mantle for you. This means that once you have achieved a core of followers, they will continue to spread the word, boost your rankings, and place you front and centre in front of an ever-widening audience of potential fans, followers, and so, buyers.