How to Get Free Facebook Likes

Likes ThumbFacebook is the world’s most popular social media site, and as such, no media-savvy business or organisation can afford to overlook the value of the platform as part of an inclusive digital marketing strategy.

Around forty million small businesses now maintain a Facebook profile and page for their business in order to promote their products and services to the site’s users, and no large business is without their own carefully managed page and profile either.

Once your Facebook page has garnered a large number of page likes and followers, the page itself will begin to perform better in Facebook’s search rankings, making it easier to find in general and so, boosting your profile, and encouraging a whole new audience to take a look and find out more as well.

However, getting a significant number of people to “like” your page, or any given post in the first place can be a challenge, and yet this is integral to your success on the platform as a whole.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the most effective ways to increase your Facebook likes for free, and some tips for how to put them into action.

Keep your content fresh and interesting
Content is KingFirst of all, getting people to view your page in the first instance is meaningless if your content has not been updated for ages, or bores people senseless!

Spamming people’s feeds with updates and posts can definitely work against you, but you should post on your page at least a couple of times a week, and make sure that your content is new, interesting, and provides value for the reader.

Use pictures
Pictures make for good clickbait, and Facebook users often exhibit a strong preference for posts that include interesting or relevant images, so use pictures to add value to your page and make it more three dimensional. Sharing viral images or content too can help to draw people to your page, and start a conversation.

Encourage interaction
Encourage interaction with your readers and users-end your posts with a question, invite comments, start a conversation, and try to get people interacting with you on your page.

Engage with the people that view your page
Encouraging interaction with your page’s users is something that you need to work on to keep them interested and coming back. Once you have asked a question or invited comments on something, make sure that you respond to the replies, and work to keep the conversation going.

“Like” other pages
Liking and following other Facebook pages often becomes reciprocal, so find complimentary content or pages that your own readers might find interesting, and like them or comment on them. Try to reference your own page, posts or content where you can do this naturally, but don’t spam other people’s pages and walls with marketing-related content.

Invite people to share your page
Encourage people to share your page, start a conversation or post content to your wall, as all of these things increase the number of potential readers and who will see your content, enabling you to spread the word naturally and boost your likes and followers.

Offer incentives
Incentives!Whilst this is not strictly free, offering incentives on your page such as competitions and giveaways can help to massively increase your page’s visitors, and you can directly increase your likes and shares in this way as well.

One tactic employed by many start-ups and small businesses is to offer giveaways and competitions on their pages; for instance, “Like our page for a chance to win an x-y-z! Once we reach 200 likes, we will chose one person at random as our winner!”

The same method can be employed to encourage people to share your content too.

Promote your page
Make sure that you add Facebook link buttons to your website, blog and other social media feeds, allowing your viewers and users to subscribe at the click of a button.

Make it unique
Use Facebook to share your latest news and promotions before they appear anywhere else, or offer unique content that cannot be found in other places. This will encourage people who are interested in your services to like and follow your page to receive updates, and check out your page more regularly.

Don’t write War and Peace!
The most effective Facebook posts are short, concise and to the point. Many businesses aim to keep their posts below the thirty word limit, and while this is not a hard and fast rule, do make sure that your posts are short enough that they can be read in their entirety without the reader having to click the “see more” button to read the rest of the post.

If this really cannot be avoided, make sure that the first paragraph of your post sums up the rest of the content, and provides a good reason for clicking to read the rest.

Know your audience
an audienceEstablish what sort of demographics make up your Facebook audience, and target your content towards them. If you are trying to promote a lad’s mag, lots of cute kitten pictures are unlikely to appeal, whilst if your target audience is women aged between 15-25, research the type of content that they are viewing elsewhere and what they want to see, and emulate it on your own page to provide value.

Make it personal
As Facebook is a social sharing site, your page’s viewers want to know about the people or person behind the brand. Personalise your content by giving a tone of voice and personality to your posts, and ensure that they are warm, friendly and “real,” rather than being stoical and impersonal.

Optimise your page
Make sure that you optimise your page so that it can easily be found on both Facebook and Google, by using the right keywords and search terms. Try performing a Facebook or Google search for your business or page whilst not logged into your Facebook or Google account and without cookies in place, see what you turn up, and establish how you can alter or edit your page to enable it to be found with ease.

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