Getting More Likes on Facebook

Like thumbsHow many “likes” your page or post has on Facebook is one of the most important elements of boosting your search ranking, popularity, and so, future audience. However, as anyone who set up a Facebook page and then simply sat waiting in hopeful anticipation of the likes rolling in will know, this can be really challenging!If you want to spread the word about who you are and what you do, promote a product or service or use Facebook as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the number of “likes” you have is key, and affects everything from how well you will rank in Facebook searches, to how many likes you are likely to get in the future, due to the number of people who will be exposed to your future posts.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the ways in which you can get more likes on Facebook, and how to put them to work for you. Read on to learn more!

Build a strong page

Strong HandFirst of all, your page itself must be appealing to the people who visit it, which means filling in all of the appropriate profile sections, using an appealing header image and profile picture, and integrating good keywords into your page description and other areas.
Search your competitor’s Facebook pages out and see what they are doing, and how well that is or is not working out for them too.

Start a conversation
Getting people talking about the content on your page and starting a conversation is the best way to pick up likes and generate a buzz, so ask questions, invite comments, and generally use your posts to make people think, share their opinions, and talk about your content with their other friends on Facebook.

If you post a comment, picture or video that someone thinks that one of their friends should see, they can either share the post itself, or tag their friend’s name in the comments, and so using pictures and statements that people can relate to or that raise a smile is a great way to go about this.

Tag people and pages
You too can tag people or other Facebook pages on your wall and in your content, which draws them into your page to see what has been said. Building up a network of reciprocal “likes” with complimentary businesses or pages can help you to build a network of fans, and organically grow the number of people that visit your page.

Make yourself likeable
It may seem self-evident, but it is worth saying anyway-in order to encourage people to like your page or your post, you must make it likeable! Posts that encourage people to share their opinions, answer a question or think about something new can help to do this, but steer well clear of posting polarising or controversial opinions yourself, as this will alienate some of your potential fans.

Humour, fun content and putting a human face on your business and who is behind it can all help people to relate to you, and so, like what you offer.

Make friends
Don’t just restrict your Facebook interactions to your own page-get out there and search for likeminded pages and people, and follow or friend them, and interact with them across the wider site. People often find this flattering and will give your own page a look as a result, and liking something another person has said or posted can soon become reciprocal, and help you to showcase your page to all of that person’s friends and page viewers as well.

Encourage social shares

Communication between peopleViral content, funny videos, breaking news and various other things that are highly shareable can all help to start a conversation and generate a buzz. Find out what is trending on Facebook and the internet at large, and share it with your readership, with your own comment or question.

If your page viewers also share this content from your page, your own page and name will appear as well, increasing the chances of further visitors and likes.

Schedule posts and keep your page fresh
Posting regularly and keeping your page up to date is vital, so make sure that you schedule new posts on a regular basis-and make sure that they are new, and offer something different. Repeating the same few posts in a rotating cycle is no better than never updating your page at all!

Use tools like Facebook’s post planner to write and schedule a drip-feed of future posts and content so that you can update and refresh your content automatically with a little forward planning-but remember to check back on these posts too, and interact with your commenters and the people that view them.

Buy bulk likes

If you’re having problems finding your first fans to get the ball rolling and help your page to build up momentum, you might want to consider buying an initial batch of likes for your page or a particular post, to help your content to rise in popularity on Facebook, and expose it to a wider audience. Once you have established a core base of fans and followers, this should then become self-perpetuating, and will give you a head start in getting things off the ground in the first instance.

Don’t be pushy
Facebook users visit the site for entertainment and to socialise, and they will not respond well to a lot of “BUY NOW” or pushy posting and selling. Don’t view Facebook as a tool to push your products or services directly, but more as a platform to encourage people to interact with you, get familiar with your name and brand, and want to find out more about it for themselves, rather than trying to channel them into a certain direction or convince them to buy something.

The majority of Facebook’s users get annoyed quickly with pushy advertising or blatant marketing, so steer well clear of this approach, and integrate the ways in which you use Facebook for business and highlight your page into the preferred approach and tone that users of the site have been proven to respond to.